Parties and Social Gatherings

Parties are not just for the children, they are great for animal lovers of all ages and will certainly make your special day one to remember! Creature Class parties are full of fun but we do love to sneak a few facts in there too! Our party routine usually involves bringing a selection of our animals and giving a short an interactive talk on each creature and allowing everyone have a stroke or hold before we introduce the next animal. We tailor the amount of talking and facts to the age group involved as we like to keep everyone excited and involved. Parties can be held in your own home or a venue of your choice, we don't need loads of room and we always clear up after ourselves so we can accommodate most settings.

Our parties are great for:

30 minute mini meet

Great for little ones or if you have a small gap to fill! Meet a small selection of animals and learn what they are and where they come from before getting hands on with them. - Recommended group size up to 10.


Animal power for an hour

Great for children 6+ and adults too! Meet more of the animals (actual amount varies depending on your group size). Learn some fun facts before meeting the animals up close. - Recommended group size 10-20


90 minute marvellous menagerie

Great for children 6+, adults and larger group sizes! Meet all sorts of animals (amount of animals depends on your group size). Learn Loads of fun facts and get to grips with handling the different creatures. - Recommended group size 10-25


*All prices exclude a mileage charge if the venue is outside ST6 postcode area.